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Frequently Asked Questions
 for Urgent Care, Physicals and Drug Screens

            Urgent Care

Q:What insurance does Reliance Urgent Care accept?
A:We accept most insurance including Medicaid and Medicare.  We do not accept out of state Medicaid nor Indian Health Services.  The patient is responsible for any charges not covered by insurance.

Q: What will my co-pay be?
A: Your co-pay should be listed on your insurance card.  If it is not you can call the number on the card to obtain that information

Q: Can I be billed for my co-pay?
A: No.

Q:Does Reliance make payment agreements?
A: Yes, however you will receive a discounted rate if services are paid in full at the time of service.

Q: Do you have to make an appointment for Urgent Care?
A: No appointment is needed, Urgent Care is a walk in Service

Q: Does Reliance Urgent Care perform pregnancy tests?
A: Yes, a pregnancy test may be administered when you come in as an Urgent Care Patient.

Q: Does Reliance see women who are pregnant?
A: Reliance will see pregnant women for non-pregnancy related issues.

Q: Is Reliance Urgent Care associated with any other Urgent Care or San Juan Regional Medical Center?
A: No. Reliance Urgent Care is not associated with SJRMC or their Urgent Care facility.

            Drug Screens

Q: Do you have to make an appointment for a drug screen?
A: No. Appointments are not necessary for drug screens.  However, we do request that employers call ahead of time before sending large groups.

Q: Can I bring my child in for a drug screen?
A: Yes.

Q: How long does it take to get results back?
A: If you are requesting and paying for the drug screen, you will receive results from a rapid panel test in five minutes.  If you are screened for work, it will depend on what your company's individual protocol is.  For this, results generally take two to three days to get back, and will be sent directly to your employer.

Q: Why don't I get the results for drug screns?
A: Results are sent or given to the party paying for the screen.

Q: What is the cost for a drug screen?
A: Prices vary depending on the test, please call 505-566-1915 for current pricing information

Q: Can I get a Drug Screen for my self?
A: Yes, but we must take payment at the time of service.

Q: Does Reliance do hair tests for drugs?
A: Yes.



Q: Does Reliance perform blood work?
A: Yes, if it is required by your employer or prescribed by your physician.

Q: Does Reliance administer sports physicals?
A: Yes, walk in for sports physicals are welcome or you can call for an appointment.

Q: Does Reliance perform Well Physicals?
A: No. Please refer to your doctor for your regular physicals

Q:How far ahead must I cancel an appointment?
A: You may cancel a physical or workers compensation appointment the same day.

Q: Does Reliance test for HIV and STDs?
A: Yes, both HIV & STD testing are available through our Urgent Care

Q:Does Reliance perform shots for kids?
A: The only vaccine available for children at Reliance is the flu vaccine.  Flu vaccine are available in season for all patients over six months of age.

Q: What does my blood pressure have to be to pass a DOT Physical?
A: 140/90 or below

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